I tell Vinny not to fuck with me, and what does he do? He goes and fucks with me. Ahhh

Nothing ever ends poetically. It ends and we turn it into poetry. All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.
Kait Rokowski (via girlchoking)

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the best of boys in crop tops

Bring this back please 🙏
Cause you, you’ve been on my mind and I wish you were here, beside me tonight, lying in this bed cause I, I’m just not the same, I walk down these streets, I swear I hear your name, but it’s just in my head, I wish you were in my arms instead
In My Arms Instead, Randy Rogers Band (via kam6696)

I was telling Karla this story about how I got scared by a spider and was crying and she says, “How old were you?” And I just looked down and said, “That was 2 days ago.”

3,534 plays Can't Help Falling In Love with You Diego Luna The Book of Life
13,758 plays I Love You Too Much Diego Luna;Gustavo Santaolalla The Book of Life


I love you tomagogos

I’m in love with his voice




if you’re ever mean to me i’ll seduce your dad and get him to marry me then i’ll be your fucking stepmom and i’ll disable the internet every night at seven pm don’t fucking try me 

If you disable the Internet how will you use it

i dont need wifi when im riding your dads dick

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